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IPL – Laser Hair Removal


IPL (hair removal)  is a non-invasive medical technology that utilises light at specific wavelengths to treat a number of common problems. An intense pulse of light is released from a handpiece into the skin targeting unwanted or excess hair, pigmented lesions, vascular lesions, acne or wrinkles (photo-rejuvenation). As the photons from the light hit the chromophores in the skin the light turns to heat, destroying the unwanted hair or lesions, all while leaving the healthy skin unscathed.

The marketing hype will tell you that with a few sessions of IPL hair removal – and some slight discomfort, you can be hair free forever. To anyone who has battled with unwanted facial or body hair this sounds like the perfect solution.

However, with the exceptions of Queensland, Tasmania and WA the laser industry is unregulated, and powerful medical lasers and IPLs are accessible to untrained  and inexperienced personnel. Even in the states with some legislative controls, clinical application training isn’t covered.

How it works

Lasers and IPL (intense pulsed light) devices, (which are not technically lasers but work on a similar principal), can be used for hair reduction and skin treatments such as removing spider veins, improving skin tone and to remove tattoos.

  • Permanent hair reduction involves the use of either a single wavelength of light (laser) or a flash of light containing hundreds of wavelengths (IPL or broadband light BBL).
  • Melanin within the hair follicles is targeted, heating and damaging the follicles in an active growth cycle.
  • Only hairs that have colour can be treated, so white and grey hairs won’t respond.
  • Success of the treatment depends on your colouring, with laser generally working best on fair skin and dark hair.
  • Fairer skin and red hair will respond to a lesser degree and those with darker skin can be treated, but only with a great deal of care.

All the experts CHOICE spoke to agree that laser or IPL hair removal treatment, in the hands of an experienced and trained operator can be very effective. Melbourne dermatologist Dr Philip Bekhor says its the best way to remove unwanted hair, as long as you’re a “suitable candidate”.
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We choose spectrum : We have not gone in to IPL lightly after much research this is the machine that matches our integrity and ticks all our boxes.

Spectrum Science and Beauty is Australia’s leading IPL Machine Supplier to salons and cosmetic clinics. This is due to the fact that the Spectrum engineers have developed their own brand of IPL, laser, cavitation and microdermabrasion machines. Coupled with a full compliment of training courses, a dedicated training centre and trainers Spectrum Science and Beauty is the perfect choice for any salon looking for an IPL Machine Supplier.

The Lumiere IPL device is the latest addition in the category for the Spectrum team. Engineered for optinal results and ease of use, this new machine will be the workhorse of any clinic with great features including:

Super Hair Removal (SHR) combines laser technology and the benefits of pulsating light for superior results
> Thermo Electric Cooling (TEC) cooling to ensure continuous operation of IPL machine for 12+ hours
> More power to support high frequency treatments
> An advanced technique that can be used on white and blonde hair

SHR Head makes IPL hair removal almost painless, fast and super effective.

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IPL for Pigmentation , Anti – Ageing, Acne and Vascular skin

Unwanted freckles, age spots and sun spots are a thing of the past.

Spectrum Science and Beauty has a selection of equipment that can treat discolorations in the skin. New non-invasive aesthetic technology that utilises light at speci­fic wavelengths to treat melanin deposits in the skin can treat a wide range of pigmentation on most skin types.

How does pigmentation removal work? An intense pulse of light is released via a handpiece which specifically targets the pigmented lesions. As the photons from the light hit the molecules of the chromophores [coloured targets] within the skin the light turns to heat, destroying the lesions, all while leaving the surrounding skin structure unaffected.

The most efficient scenario is on medium to dark hair on light skin, because of the high contrast the chromophores are easily targeted. The cost will depend on the number of treatments, which is determined by your skin type and the colour, and size of the area to be treated. The most likely program will comprise treatment over 5 session spaced 8-12 weeks apart.

The initial sensation is much like sunburn. Care must be taken after treatment to ensure infection and skin damage does not occur. Potential complications include burning, scarring, hypopigmentation [no colour in the skin] and incomplete tattoo removal. Ensure that you keep a copy of your signed consent form and also the post treatment care instructions so you can refer to them later.

Your practitioner will consult you before treatment taking a history of health and skin, and probably photograph the area. They will wear gloves and the area will be thoroughly cleaned prior to treatment and after treatment the area is covered in antiseptic cream and gauze. You and the therapist will wear eye protection and you may use a topical anaesthetic cream prior to treatment starting.

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